Tracking orders

Tracking orders

Businesses can track their orders in the Mobile22 Web Portal.  

Rides and deliveries can be tracked in the Web Portal in the Rides page.  
Rides can also be tracked in the iOS App by the Primary Rider for each ride. 
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    • Tracking rides

      You can track your rides in the Mobile22 iOS App. This functionality is not available in the Mobile22 Web Portal right now.  To track your ride:  Select your ride under Your Trip In Progress in the Ride screen. 
    • Ordering a delivery

      Businesses can place delivery orders in the Mobile22 Web Portal.  To order a delivery with a business account in the Mobile22 Web Portal:  Log in to your account and select the Book a Ride tab.   Enter the Pickup Details, Drop-off Details, Product ...
    • Download a receipt

      Need receipts for your Accounts department? Receipts for Mobile22 orders can be accessed in the Mobile22 Web Portal.  To download a receipt for a Mobile22 order in the Mobile22 Web Portal:  Log in to your Mobile22 account > go to the Rides tab.  ...
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      Placing delivery orders  You can place delivery orders in the Mobile22 Web Portal. The Mobile22 iOS App does not support deliveries at this time.   To place a delivery order with the Mobile22 Web Portal:  Log in to your Mobile22 account, then go ...