Adding a new driver

Adding a new driver

Select Add New Driver from the All Drivers page in Driver Management.

The first page of the Add a New Driver dialog will display

The first name, last name and email are required.

Select Continue to proceed to the License & Permit page.

Enter the Driver's License information and Permit information.
  1. Permits can be Provisional or Regular. The transportation provider is responsible for reviewing this information prior to making the driver status active (see below).
The vehicle training, preferred vehicle selection and line of business will change depending on the transportation partner's system configuration.
  1. Vehicle training: At driver check-in, the system will only display vehicles available for assignment for which the driver has completed training.
  2. Preferred Vehicle Model (and Number): At driver check-in, the system will sort vehicles available for assignment whereby the preferred model/number will be near the top of the list.
  3. Line of Business: System capabilities may be associated with a line of business if the transportation partner has multiple lines of business.
Select Continue to proceed to the Payroll page.

Enter the appropriate Payroll Details
  1. Stripe Access Tokens:
    1. Are required if the Employment Type is Independent Contractor
    2. Can be generated once Add Driver is complete, navigated to from the Driver's Detail page
    3. To complete Add Driver without the token requirement keep the driver status as Onboarding
Enter the Other Details
  1. Driver Statuses
    1. Onboarding provides 4 steps if the transportation provider wants to track the driver's onboarding progress
    2. Active is the only status that allows a driver to be checked in and assigned a vehicle to go out on the road
    3. Inactive is meant for temporary inactivity (see reasons)
    4. Closed is meant for permanent ending of the relationship (see reasons)
    5. A note can be provided each time the status changes to allow the transportation provider to provide additional information about the status change
Select Continue to proceed to the Review page

For each section review the information you entered. If edits need to be made in that area select the edit icon to go back to the appropriate page for editing.
Select Save and Add Another if another new driver can be entered immediately.

Select Save and Close if this single driver entry is complete.

After this is completed, the driver must download the Mobile22 Driver IOS app from the Apple store.  When the download is complete, enter the email address that was used above and select sign up and follow the prompts.

If the driver needs permissions, please use the permissions guide on the below link to help us give the user access.

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