Driver Self Check-in

Driver Self Check-in

Some Mobile22 Transportation Providers allow Drivers to complete their own check in and check out. This page describes the four steps a driver needs to take to get on the road, accept rides and finish their day. 

1. Check in 
Fifteen minutes before you depart for your pick up, check in      

2. Sign in 
Open the Mobile22 Driver App on your iPad and log inYou'll see a large black button in the middle of the screen that says "start shift".
Press it and you're ready to accept rides. 
3. Accept Rides 
Accept rides as they come in, start each ride when the rider is loaded in the vehicle and end the ride when you've arrived at the destination.


4. Check out
When you are finished driving for the day, check out of your shift by clicking on the teal bar that represents your shift, select "check out": 

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