Checking out a driver

Checking out a driver

Select Check Out Driver from the All Checked-In Drivers page by clicking on the reservation bar for the appropriate driver.

Select Edit if any of the Reservation Details displayed just below need to be changed before completing check-out.

Enter the Ending Mileage for the vehicle. (Ending Mileage may populate automatically if vehicle telematics are available. If more than one vehicle was used for this reservation, this ending mileage will be for the final vehicle displayed).

For an employee driver, the following Check Out screen will display.

The Account Credits consisting of Green Bucks and Cash received during the driver's reservation will display.
The Change Given at check-in will display.

Enter the Amounts Returned at the end of the driver's reservation if different than the expected amounts defaulted in.

A summary section of the subtotals and the Difference.
Select Check Out to complete the check out process for this driver.

For an independent contractor driver, the following Check Out screen will display.

Enter the  Ending Mileage for the vehicle. (A warning for the Mileage Charge will display until a value is entered).  

The Account Credits consisting of Green Bucks, On-Account Fares and SafeRider Fares received during the driver's reservation will display.

The Fees and Charges will display.
The Deposit Account Contribution will default in if the driver has not reached the maximum amount. Edit the amount if appropriate.

Each of the Lease Fees, Green Fees and Mileage Charges have tool tips which provide information on the values used for the calculation.

Add an incentive by selecting from the dropdown list if applicable.

A summary section of the subtotals and the Total Due.

The Operating Account Balance will be selected by default as the Payment Method. The balance of the Operating Account will display in a message below if this payment method remains selected.

If utilizing the Operating Account Balance is appropriate, check out can be completed by selecting the Check Out button.

If a different payment method is desired, select it from the Payment Method dropdown. Enter the Amount Collected.

Select Add Another Payment Method to indicate how to pay off the balance due. 

With Operating Account Balance selected as the additional payment method, the balance due will be paid by the Operating Account and the balance of the Operating Account will display in a message below this payment method.

Select the  Check Out button to complete check out.

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